Unsere Brands

Gazosa 1883

Gazosa is a clear, carbonated lemonade from the canton of Ticino. There is a wonderful pop when the bottle is opened, which is why the Gazosa used to be popularly known as “champagne for the poor”. The name "Gazosa 1883" pays tribute to the first Gazosa factory in Mendrisio, which started operating in 1883. Gazosa 1883 is the gourmet's Gazosa and is characterized by natural flavors and no artificial coloring.


With the unique taste of passion fruit, lime, lemon & elderberry and a hint of mint.

- all natural, vegan & gluten-free

- distinctive design

- 8.4% fruit content

Drink your Limaui ice cold and enjoy every moment #feelthetaste

Makoto T

T sounds like tea, tastes like tea, but is anything but just tea. You can imagine it like this: The inventor Tobi, who worked out this fine T in its original composition, fortunately had little time for sugar and artificial flavors. It's more of the natural type and exudes a freshness that you would otherwise only expect from a freshly squeezed lime

Perfect Meal

When we are stressed, we often eat unhealthily. That's why we've developed a drink meal with everything you need in it.

PERFECTMEAL supports your health thanks to an optimal combination of nutrients and keeps you full for a long time.