ANBÉROCK is an international beverage start-up company. As a distribution company, we have been active on the market since 02/01/2022. With our 6 brands, we are gradually conquering the beverage world.With our knowledge of the market and our expertise, we look after national and international customers.Our brands impress with their uniqueness in taste and quality.


With a simple saying! Forget your worries, the journey of ANBÉROCK began. The fascination and passion for a completely new drink. A drink that appeals to all five of your taste buds at once.The cornerstone of ANBÉROCK dates back 11 years. The inventor and co-founder of ANBÉROCK discovered the fascination of the great world of spices on a holiday trip. Arrived at home in the domestic kitchen. Started trying different recipes. Gradually, a very exclusive taste emerged. Over the years, more and more people have enjoyed tasting the product. Who provided the encouragement and encouragement to industrialize the product. After a two-year planning period, ANBÉROCK was founded on October 11, 2021. The world of pleasure of a different kind. Modern, innovative and full of dedication, we break outdated patterns and bring drinking pleasure to the widespread beverage landscape.


  • 10.10.2021 Founding of ANBÉROCK Schweiz AG

  • 01.02.2022 Start of operations with Limaui

  • 2022 
    • Recording Makoto T
    • Recording carbon champagne
    • Recording Perfect Meal

  • 2023
      Takeover of Gazosa 1883

Träume werden wahr!

There was a drink on the table that quickly won people over with its unmistakable taste profile. Not comparable to an existing product on the market. The lifeblood in the product and the passion for the cause made it possible. This is how we managed to start in two countries at the same time. It is very important to us to inspire our customers and consumers with joy and passion. Out of the deepest conviction and dedication, we go out into the world with a zest for life. It is out of conviction! We love drinks, indulgence, music and lifestyle. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine it's a beautiful summer evening. You are with your friends at a concert of your favorite music, artist, band. The taste of freedom is in the air. The feeling of lightheartedness spreads. The scent of green meadows, water, lush trees, BBQ in the nose. A moment that should never end! In your hand you hold an ice-cold ANBÉROCK with the scent of fresh limes, lemons, mint and the most popular herbs and spices in the world!

The name ANBÉROCK is synonymous with experiences.

drinking experience

enjoyment experience

feeling experien

ceconcert experience

lifestyle experience

For us, a beautiful experience never ends. We are loud, we are emotional and our hearts are pounding.

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mission to mars

Our mission is to inspire people to enjoy our products. Immerse yourself in our world for a moment and forget all your worries.To achieve this, we have the vision to conquer every country on this earth with our products.

⁣"Rock you to the Moon and back"